Sometimes, you have to make your own destiny.

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Last updated: 3/29/2014
In a world where everyone has a destiny, Silay has none. In fact, it seems magic, including fortune telling, is unable to affect her. So when everyone's future shows one thing, plague and death, the Seer sends Silay to try and change the Future.

Chapter Two: The Unquest Begins 
Silay sets out on her journey. An encouter with an 8-year-old wielding a butter knife brings her to the town on Welis, where she meets Jarlen, an alchemist. He gives her some traveling advice and information about what he calls her "unquest" to stop the plague. The next morning, Silay meet a traveling magician, Riya, and they decide to journey together.

Chapter Three: The End of the Beginning
The first stage of Silay's unquest comes to an end. After traveling with Riya to a festival in Surwas, Silay meets with a seer named Kade. After the meeting, she is left feeling uneasy, and with good reason. Kade passes on the information Silay gave him to a Dagrosian named Talis. The next day, Silay and Riya part ways, Silay to continue her journey, Riya to stay at the festival.

Chapter Four: Trust and Betrayal
After leaving Riya, Silay encounters Talis, a young man from her home town determined to be a hero. He attacks Silay to learn about the location of the start of the plague. Meanwhile, Riya, who had inadvertently stolen Silay's Farstone, receives a warning from the Seer about Talis. She rescues Silay, and they continue onward.

Chapter Five: Revelations 
Talis has gone on ahead and warned towns of the upcoming plague. The towns close their borders, forcing Riya and Silay to find another route. They end up in the city of Sojan, where they are arrested for a past crime of Riya's. Jarlen shows up and convinces the authorities to let them both go. He tells them that the plague has begun, and joins the unquest. At the end of the chapter, the Seer informs Jarlen that the first Healer has died in the plague.

Chapter Six: Concerning Magic
Riya, Jarlen, and Silay continue on the unquest. As they do so, they have to learn to work with one another. It turns out the there was something that happened in Riya and Jarlen's past that makes them dislike one another. The two new additions take turns teaching Silay to fight and explaining the principles of magic to her. What she learns starts to make Silay wonder about the true origins of the plague.

Chapter Seven: The Strange Magician
A surprise attack leaves the group temporally separated and without all of their supplies. Talis makes a reappearance, now teamed up with Kade and an unknown man who is a magician. The three are kidnapped and questioned, confirming Riya's suspicions about someone is behind the plague.

Chapter 8: An Unexpected Encounter
Silay, Riya, and Jarlen recover from the attack and formulate a plan to find the person behind the plague. Their plans change, however, when Talis shows up again, asking for help. They make a detour on their way back to Sojan only to find an abandoned town. The split up to explore it, and Talis takes advantage of the situation to attack Jarlen and try to run away.

Chps. 1-3: A young boy on a ship falls ill. Is this the start of the plague?

Chps. 4-5: The plague begins in the city of Dilest, and the Healer there calls for help.

Chps. 6-8: A king in another country is plotting against Ohicink in the hopes of overthrowing it.