Sometimes, you have to make your own destiny.

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Important characters, in order of appearance. 
*Contains spoilers if you aren't caught up with the story*
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(Except for Silay, since she's in nearly every post)

Character Profiles: From time to time, I like to post more in-depth descriptions of characters. Find them here. *May contain spoilers if you aren't caught up with the story*

The Seer: While there are many seers and fortune-tellers in Ohicink, the seer-in-resident of Dagrosa always holds the the title of "the Seer". No one has been brave enough to ask her what her friends call her.

Silay GallegisThe story's main character (but not a hero!). For some reason, magic, including fortune-telling, doesn't work on her, freeing her from the burden of having a destiny to fulfill. Character Profile

Kenna Gallegis: Silay's mother. Her destiny (and talent) is to grow the best strawberries in Dagrosa.

Brasen Gallegis: Silay's father, a shopkeeper. His destiny is to be a good husband. Interestingly enough, the Seer did not see him also becoming a father...

Jarlen: An alchemist who advises Silay and treats her blisters in Welis. He later joins Silay on her unquest. Character Profile

Riya: A traveling magician Silay meets in Welis. She later joins Silay on her unquest. Character Profile

Kade: A traveling seer Silay meets at the festival in Surwas. He trades in information.

Talis: Another character from Dagrosa. He sees the plague as a chance to fulfill his destiny, "to achieve greatness". Character Profile

Mysterious Man/unknown magician/Wrigcyn: Well, he's unknown, isn't he?

Praesi: A member of the Sojan Guard. She arrests Silay and Riya, and later shows up to help them in Turvew.

Edo: A magician from Sojan. He was there when Riya stole the Wardstone.