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Alt. Perspectives

From time to time, I like to go back and look at a post from another character's perspective. You can find those stories here, in chronological order, but to completely prevent spoilers, make sure you read both the original posts the alternative perspective goes between. (Ex: Read Chapter 4, Pt. 2 and Chapter 4, Pt. 3 before reading Chapter 4, Pt. 2.5). And don't scroll down too fast... you don't want to accidentally read something ahead of the storyline! The first post will be Chapter 4. Pt. 2.5.

Riya's Perspective
Chapter 4, Pt. 2.5

Riya liked Silay. She was good company, and could pull her own weight. But there was more to her than she was saying. It was odd to find anyone, but especially a young woman, traveling on her own. And with no set purpose! Riya had first started talking to the girl because she could sense Silay was carrying a Farstone. It had struck Riya as odd for someone so young, and not a seer, to be carrying such a rare and expensive object. Also, most people made wards fresh every time they used one, to insure their strength, but Silay carried hers pre-made. And the girl had asked for directions to a seer, even though she was from Dagrosa. As far as Riya was concerned, all of this amounted to rather suspicious behavior, and she had no interest to find herself in trouble with the law. She was done with that now. A respectful business woman. And so, when Silay asked where she could find a seer, Riya had sent her to Kade, though not without a small amount of guilt. She liked the girl. She just needed to know if Silay was trouble or not.

Riya and Kade had once been partners. Gathering information is easy for a seer, even a weak one like Kade, and thieving is easy for a magician. It had been three years since they had ended their partnership, but they still saw each other at festivals like the one at Surwas, and sent business to each other from time to time. Riya thought she'd send Silay to Kade, then talk to him in the morning to see what he had found out. But Silay seemed so upset when she'd returned that Riya was worried she had made a mistake.

That night, Riya used her magic to call Silay's Farstone to herself. She inspected the stone curiously. She'd never actually held one before. Her plan was to take it to Kade tomorrow to see if he could find out where Silay had gotten it from, then return it before Silay noticed it was missing. But the next morning, she had been unable to find Kade, and Silay had left so quickly Riya forgot to return the Stone.

Later that day, Riya noticed one of the pockets on her jacket felt warm. She reached her hand into it and drew out the Farstone. Someone was trying to contact Silay. Riya stepped into her tent and closed the flaps before raising the Stone to her face. "Hello?" She asked tentatively.

"To whom am I speaking?" The voice coming from the Stone belonged to an old woman.

"Umm... Riya. I'm... a friend of Silay's."

"I have a message for her. Something I've just Seen. A young man from our town, Talis. He will cause trouble. If she meets him, she should stop him."

This piqued Riya's curiosity. "Stop him from what?"

"The vision is unclear. I just know that he has the potential to make things worse."

"Make what things worse?"

There was a pause before the voice answered. "Is Silay actually there?"

Riya had been thinking during the conversation. Silay was from Dagrosa. Which meant the woman she was speaking with was most likely the Seer. Which in turn meant there would be no point in lying to her.

Riya sighed. "No, she left about an hour ago."

"And left the Farstone behind?"

Riya didn't answer. If she was speaking to the Seer, there was no need to. Suddenly, the Stone in her hand grew warmer, light shining out from the sphere. Riya almost dropped it, but managed to hold on. She had the oddest sensation of someone staring at her from behind. She whirled around, but of course no one was there.

"I see," said the voice from the Stone. "Talis is a few miles North-west of here. Silay is probably travelling in the same direction. I fear there could be trouble if they meet. If you are more than a thief, and truly Silay's friend, you will go after her. She could be in danger."

The Farstone went dark and cold. Riya returned it to her pocket, and only hesitated a minute before starting to pack up the wagon.
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Riya's Perspective
Chapter 7, Pt. 5.5

Riya didn't need her magic to know something was wrong when she reached the main road. She looked around the empty intersection, muscles tense. Spreading her magic out around her, she sensed the other magician just before an invisible forced yanked her off her horse.

Riya hit the ground on her shoulder and rolled back onto her feet, knives in her hands. She slammed her elbow backwards into the gut of the invisible man behind her, while lashing out with her magic at the same time. The man crumpled in pain, and her power slammed into that of the magician, forcing him to release the spell. The invisible attackers appeared as the spell broke, and there was a momentary lull, just as Jarlen arrived.

Riya stood in the center of the road. Behind her, Kade lay on the ground. A young man she didn't recognize was on her left, and the magician to her right. She met Jarlen's eyes as he road up, both of them silently calculating the situation.

Jarlen wheeled his horse around, going to warn Silay, when the magician yanked him off of it. Riya tried to block his attack, but he threw up a magical shield that stopped hers. Jarlen hit the ground hard, and quickly clambered to his feet, drawing his sword. The young man, likewise armed, charged him.
The magician's shield continued to hold, but all his attention was now on blocking Riya's attack. 

Unfortunately, all of her attention was on attacking, and she didn't hear Kade coming up behind her. She felt a hand on her neck, and spun, her magical attack faltering as she brought up her knife and slashed across Kade's chest. The magician's blast hit her hard, and she stumbled. In an instant, Kade was on her, wrapping a leather collar around her neck. Riya managed to throw him off, but not before he secured the collar. 

The fight ended quickly after that. With no way to block the magician, she and Jarlen both felt a deep sleep fall over them, as his spell did its work.
Riya woke up with her hands and feet tied together and her eyes blindfolded. Her left side throbbed from where she had hit the ground, and she could feel the beginning of the headache that was caused by the magic collar around her neck. She mentally ran through the muscles and bones in her body. Nothing seemed seriously hurt. She leaned against the wall, deliberately relaxing her arms and legs so they weren't straining against the rope.

"This is low, even for you Kade," she called out.

"Ah, but the pay is high."

Riya jerked in surprise. She hadn't actually expected an answer.

Kade crossed the room, and pulled off the blindfold. Riya blinked. It was a small room, but a window near the roof was letting in light.

She glared at her captor. "What's going on?"

Kade shrugged. "Business deal. I would have cut you in, but my employer already has a magician. And I don't think it's the kind of job you do anymore."

Riya didn't answer, and Kade squatted, so they were eye to eye. "Tell me about the girl you're traveling with. Silay. The one you sent to me."

Riya managed to shrug, despite her arms being tied behind her back. "Business partner. You know how it is."

Kade's hand slammed into her cheek and her head hit the wall. With effort, Riya, pushed down the pain and angered that flared inside of her.

"Come on, now Kade. What ever happened to honor among thieves?"

Kade raised his hand again and and Riya instinctively flinched. He laughed and let his hand fall to his side.

"Honor is too expensive for thieves. You know that, Riya. Now tell me about the girl. Why are you helping her?"

Riya met his gaze. "I have a debt to pay. And I don't mean the kind you can carry in a purse."

"And you think she can do it, this girl? Stop the plague?"

Riya didn't answer and Kade grabbed her chin, forcing her face up so she had to meet his eyes. He wasn't a strong seer, but he had some skills. Riya tried to break away from his gaze, but couldn't. After a moment, Kade stood up and laughed. "You don't! You don't think she can do anything, but you're going to try anyway. You are a fool."

He turned and walked away, then paused at the door. "My orders are to leave you here, tied up." Then he winked. "For old times' sake."

Riya leaned against the wall, waiting for some of the pain in her head to subside. That was the thing about Kade. He wasn't bad, per se. He just, for the most part, didn't think about others, except how to get money from them. Riya had noticed it from the moment she had woken up. Once again relaxing her muscles, she gently rotated her wrists, grimacing as the ropes rubbed against them. Kade had tied her hands with her wrists stacked on one another. Once she manged to get them flat, there was enough slack in the rope to wriggle her hands free. Leaning forward, she untied her feet. Now to find Silay and Jarlen.

And that's the how Riya got free and was able to rescue Jarlen and Silay (she found Jarlen first). I learned the wrist stacking trick from Nancy Drew... if you are caught by the bad guy, turned your hands so wrists are stacked pinky to thumb. Then rotate them flat and wriggle the rope off. And I though that would never come in handy ;). Seeing as Riya was unconscious when being tied up, it was nice of Kade to position her wrists for her, don't you think?

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  1. Proofreading. :)

    Chapter 4, part 2.5:
    to insure their strength (ensure)
    A respectful business (respectable?)
    Riya had sent her to Kade (I think here and for the next couple of paragraphs, it flows better without the pluperfect - otherwise, it gets confusing to try to figure out what point in time the narrative is at. So just "Riya sent her".)
    Gathering information is easy for a seer, even a weak one like Kade, and thieving is easy for a magician. ("was" instead of "is" ? They're both general truths, I suppose, but the present tense is startling.)
    But the next morning, she had been unable to find Kade, and Silay had left so quickly (she was unable... Silay left)
    "Hello?" She asked (she)

    Chapter 7, part 5.5
    Jarlen's eyes as he road up (rode)
    the pain and angered (anger)
    hand again and and Riya (-and)
    Riya had noticed it from the moment she had woken up. (it = the hand position thing? Not quite clear.)

    Ignore my other comment asking what Kade was up to - forgot that this was here! And the fight scene is one of my favorite parts so far. :)