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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chapter 13 Epilouge

Dysen’s eyes flicked between the message and the messenger. “Well, Kade, we’ve worked together before. Tell me, can I trust this new employer of yours?”
            “I think, Consul, it is a bit late to ask that question. You’ve been involved in this longer than I have.”
            “True, true.” Dysen sighed. “I suppose this message doesn’t require a response.”
            “No. I was just to make sure you received it.”
“Very well then. You are dismissed.”
After Kade left the room, Dysen rested his head in his hands. This was moving faster than he had intended, and now he had doubts. His sources said Edo and the group he had rescued was in Griffin, but as of yet no one had responded to the letter he had sent out. This was bad. If Ohicink wasn’t under Sojan control when the S’vaeli arrived…he shook his head, pushing the thought away. If the S’vaeli were moving forward with their plan, then he would too.
            The boy hurried into the room. “Yes, sir?”
            “Run after the man who just left. Ask him if still has connections with the Council of Seers.”
            “Yes, sir. And if he does?”
            “Then tell him I have a business proposition for him.”



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