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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chapter 11, Pt. 5

The road was busier than Silay had expected, mostly with merchants trying to make up for lost trade.

Riya’s illusion changed appearances, but not voices, so Silay was grateful when they finally left the road for quick lunch. It was nice to be able to talk again, and even better to lower the scarf from across her face. While they ate, Riya used the bondstone to contact Edo and set up the meeting point for that night. Lunch was eaten quickly, and Silay reluctantly pulled the scarf back on as they got up to continue walking.

Silay was surprised to find that her muscles weren’t all that tired. The weeks of walking, riding, and training had left her stronger than she had ever been, and she found herself reveling in her newfound strength. They hadn’t stopped the plague yet, and were perhaps in the most dangerous situation they could be in, but for the first time, Silay felt like she could actually do something.

She looked at the figures of her travelling companions, knowing that to anyone passing by they looked like small children, and smiled under the stifling scarf. Not only could she do something, but she would have help doing it. Unexpectedly, she found that she wanted to take charge of this unquest, just like Jarlen and Riya had wanted her to do.

Even as she had that thought, she corrected it. This wasn’t an unquest. It was a quest, true and proper. And she was, or at least could be, its hero. Perhaps she had seen it wrong all along. Perhaps not having a destiny wasn’t a curse. Perhaps it meant being free to change things, to make a difference. Being free to make her own fate.


These thoughts were still running through Silay’s mind when Riya signaled it was time to leave the road. Silay led the way into the woods, the two false children trailing behind.

Once they were out of sight of the road, Riya took out the bondstone and allowed it to guide them to the rest of the group.

Edo had already begun to set up a ward, and once Silay, Talis, and Riya approached, he closed off the circle. Riya stretched out her hand, causing the space above the circle to shimmer. “Well done.” Edo nodded in acknowledgement to the compliment.

There was another shimmer in the air as Riya and the other magicians dropped their illusions, and Silay happily yanked off the cloak and scarf, tossing them to the ground.

“Ugh. It is much too hot to be dressing like that.”

“But think how comfortable you would be if it was Winter.” Riya smiled with pretend sweetness, and Silay glared at her.


“Well, if you want to be helpful, I could use a hand.” Amata was un-harnessing the donkey. Riya went over to help, and Silay watched as she patted him on the snout. She wondered how long Riya must have travelled with just the donkey as company.

Maintaining spells for as long as they had had clearly left the three magicians tired, so Silay and Jarlen set about the business of starting a fire and making a supper. Everyone seemed as lost in their own thoughts as Silay, and supper was eaten with very few words. Finally, after setting up a watch order and polite “good nights” all around, the group went to sleep.

Silay had trouble falling asleep.  She remembered her thoughts on the road, about taking charge of the quest. What had seemed possible during daylight now seemed frightening in the dark. Her thoughts drifted to those traveling with her. Jarlen, whose lines around his eyes and mouth seemed to have deepened during their journey. Riya, who always seemed so strong, but clearly had problems of her own, and who, of all of them, had been most affected by the ambush. Talis, well, Talis, for all he had done wrong, struggled with his destiny as much as she did with her lack of one. And finally, there was Edo, and now his mother, whose face looked younger than the gray in her hair suggested. Both of whom had just betrayed their city. It was one thing to be responsible for her own fate. Could really take responsibility for the fate of others?

Then again, it wasn’t like she had asked any of them to help her. They had made their choices on their own. And, of course, this plague, or war, or whatever was happening, would affect all of them too. So why wouldn’t they want to help fight? Perhaps that was what Jarlen had meant by his analogy of ripples in a pond that he had told her so long ago. No ripple was independent of the others. They were all part of the same pond. Each started off in its own way, but when they collided, they changed the course of those around them. And perhaps that wasn’t such a bad thing. Silay rolled over and pulled the blanket over her head. She had third watch. If she was going to get some sleep tonight, it needed to be now.

End of Chapter 11, Ripples in a Pond
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