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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chapter 11 Epilogue

Behind their walls, the Council of Sojan was meeting. “Where could they have gone!?” Dysen’s demand was met with silence. For the first time, the Consul looked around at gathered assembly. “Where is Edo? Why is he not here?”

The others looked around the room. When the prisoners had been discovered missing, messengers had been sent to all their homes. Most of them had arrived still in their bedclothes. In the confusion, no one had taken notice of whether or not anyone was missing.

A messenger boy ran into the room. “Yes, sir?”

“Did you forget to deliver my summons to Edo?”

“No sir. I went to his house, but no one was there.”

“Thank you, boy. You are dismissed.”

The messenger exited, and Dysen faced the Council. “It seems,” he spoke slowly, “we were right to exclude Edo from our plans. He has betrayed us all.”

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