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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chapter 11, Pt. 2

Edo left with the guard shortly after his startling proclamation, leaving Silay once again alone with her thoughts. The world was turning out to be a much more complicated place than she had once thought. Everyone in Dagrosa knew their place. They knew what they were meant to do, and how to do it. The Healers healed. The seers helped plan when it was time for planting and harvesting. And trade went on between the cities and towns of Ohicink overseen by each of the trade guilds. That was how it worked. Or, at least, that was how Silay had thought it had worked. Ever since they had learned that the plague was being caused by someone, her world had shifted.

There were schemes and plots and politics going on that she had never thought possible. If Edo was right, these things had been going on for years. She wondered if other people in Dagrosa had known what was going on around them, or if they were all as ignorant as herself? Even with this confusion of thoughts running through her mind, Silay found the flickering torchlight on the ceiling slightly hypnotic. Despite her best efforts, she drifted off into sleep.

Silay awoke, not to the sound of a key, but of her cell door opening. She sat up and looked at the shadowy figure in the doorway and it waved her forward. Edo. Swinging her legs off the bench, Silay walked to the door. Edo held his finger to his lips, signaling her to be quiet, and Silay glared at him. She didn’t need him to tell her not to talk during an escape.

Once they had left cell, Edo closed the door behind them, and placed his hand against it. Silay heard a click as the door locked itself. Edo turned and set off down the hall, and Silay followed behind. They passed several cells before Edo stopped and placed his palm against another door. There was a small click, and the door swung open. The figure on the far bench jumped, startled. “Wha—”.

“Shhh.” Silay stepped around Edo so Jarlen could see her.

He frowned. “What’s going on?” he whispered.

“Escaping.” Silay kept her voice low.

Jarlen raised his eyebrows at this, but said nothing. Instead, he shrugged, and followed Silay and Edo out of the cell.

Edo took the lead once more, walking towards a door at the end of the hall. He opened it, revealing nothing but darkness. As Silay watched, he held out his hand, and small, blue circle of light illuminated a staircase. Edo gestured for Silay and Jarlen to step into the stairwell, and closed the door behind him. “Wait here.” His voice was so quite, Silay could barely hear it. “I’m going to get Riya, then get you out of here.”

“What about Talis?”

Edo frowned at Silay. “What about him?”

“We can’t just leave him.”

“Really?” Edo looked at Jarlen, who shrugged. The young man scowled. “Fine. We’ll get him on the way out. Now, stay here.”

He didn’t need to have stressed his command to stay put. Once he left, Silay and Jarlen were left in complete darkness. Neither one of them dared move. It seemed like they waited for ages before they again saw the dim blue glow of Edo’s magic. As he climbed the stairs, Silay could see Riya following him. She gave her friend a hug when she reached them. Riya gave a small grin in return.

“All right, listen.” Edo turned to face the group. “For this next part, you cannot make a sound. Go exactly where I go, and keep close.”

Silay opened her mouth to speak, but Edo cut her off. “Yes, we’ll get Talis first.” He sighed. “After we get him, we’re going to have go into the main Council building. There’s no way in or out besides the main doors.” He looked at Riya. “I’m going to need your help if there are any guards. I have a sleeping spell on the ones down here, but I won’t be able to maintain it and put any others to sleep.”

Riya nodded. “I may have a simpler solution.” She made a few movements in the air.

“This is perfect.” Edo looked around. “But what about Silay?”

“What do you mean? Did something happen?” Silay could smell the acidic scent of magic, but nothing had changed.

“Interesting.” Jarlen was staring at her. “It seems illusions don’t work on you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means if anyone else was looking at us, they wouldn’t see anything.” Riya held her hand. “Edo, give me your cloak. I’m going to spell it so it hides Silay.”

Edo reluctantly handed his cloak over. “I’m not sure you can make a spell do that.”

“Of course I can.” Riya drew a few symbols on the cloak, then handed it to Silay, who put it on.

She instantly felt ridiculous, standing in the middle of a circle of people, all staring at her wearing an oversized cloak. “Is it working?”

Riya nodded. “You’ll just need to keep it closed and pull the hood down so it covers all of you.”

Silay complied, and Edo made a small laughing sound. “Well, this just got a lot easier. Follow me.”
The whole time I was writing this, I felt a pressing need to keep quiet myself. It was a very odd feeling.
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