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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chapter 10, Pt. 2

Silay had drawn the last watch, so she was alone to watch the first hints of dawn reach across the sky. She sat still, enjoying the silence. If anyone had told her time to herself would become rare before this whole unquest had started, she would have laughed at them. Now she had learned to treasure any small moment she had alone.

Her thoughts were broken by a movement near the fire at the center of the small camp. It was Edo, and it looked like he was making tea. He caught Silay’s eye and gave a small nod in greeting. Silay nodded back, then turned away to continue watching the sunrise. A few minutes later, Edo joined her, a mug in his hand.

“Coffee?” He held the mug out to Silay.

Silay sniffed the contents and wrinkled her nose. “It looks like black sludge. How can you drink that?”

“I don’t drink it for how it looks.” Both their voices were low so they wouldn’t wake the others.

“No thanks. I’ll just wait and make tea in little bit.”

Edo nodded and took a sip of the coffee. “It shouldn’t have worked, you know.”

“What shouldn’t have?”

“Your blood. There are ways to break a blood spell, but you shouldn’t be able to just negate it like that.” He glanced sideways at Silay. “Are you really going to let Jarlen try to use it to create a cure?”

“I am.” She smiled. “Though he would correct you and say he’s not making a cure. Just a vaccine.”

Edo nodded. “It just might work.”

“I hope so.” Silay sighed. “I don’t know what else there is we can do.” She stood up. “The others will be up soon. I’m going to make tea for those of us who don’t drink sludge.”

“An excellent idea.” A low voice nearby made Silay and Edo turn. Jarlen was awake. He smiled at them. “I’ll help.”

The rest of the group was up before the tea was finished. Praesi urged them to eat and drink quickly, eager to get back on the road. Once everyone was fed, the horses were saddled. 

Silay groaned. “Another day in the saddle. I’d rather walk.”

“And risk getting blisters?” Jarlen raised an eyebrow.

“That’s right!” Silay laughed. “I’d almost forgotten that’s how I met you.”

“And me.” Riya smiled ruefully, looking down from her horse. “Could have saved you a lot of trouble if you hadn’t been walking.”

Praesi glared at the three of them. “If we’re done reminiscing…”

“Sorry.” Silay swung herself into the saddle and they set off.

Just one more day, Silay reminded herself. Tomorrow we’ll reach Sojan. Then we can sleep in real beds and not have to ride horses.
Are you a tea drinker or a coffee drinker? Share below!

More characters just makes writing dialogue and movements that much harder. I feel like I'm herding cats, trying to keep track of where all my characters are at any given time. I shouldn't have introduced so many at once. Oh well, lesson learned.

My husband expressed curiosity in what coffee might be in this world. I have struggled with deciding how many words I should create to describe things in this world. After all, in my mind, the characters don't actually speak English. That is simply the language that their story is being told in. So, in order to keep things simple, if something in their world has a parallel in this world, I use the English word to describe it. Tea is any beverage brewed from leaves, and coffee is any beverage brewed from beans. Simple. 

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