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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Chapter 9, Pt. 8

The wall around Turvew wasn’t very high, but it still afforded a good view of the road from where Silay sat on it. She was perched near the edge of the wall, her knees drawn up to her chest with her arms wrapped around them. She had been there since sunrise. The Seer had contacted them the night before to let them know that rescuers from Sojan were on the way, and Silay was silently willing them to move faster. Riya was looking worse, and there was only so much food to be scavenged in the abandoned town.

Finally, she saw three riders approaching, each with a spare horse in tow. Even from a distance, Silay recognized the bright blue and gold of the Sojan Guard uniform on two of them. She scrambled down from the wall and pulled open the gate before heading down the road to meet them.

“Hello, again.”

Silay looked in confusion at the Guardswoman who had greeted her. “Do I know you?”

“Praesi. I was one of the guards who arrested you.”

“Ah.” Silay paused. “I don’t really know what else to say to that.”

“Not to worry.” Praesi smiled. “How about you lead us to where you’re staying?”

Silay nodded, and set off through the abandoned town. The horses’ hooves echoed eerily in the empty streets as they followed at a slow walk.

“So, this what Turvew looks like without people.” The rider in front broke the silence.

Silay glanced over her shoulder. “What happened here? We’ve been so busy, we forgot to ask.”

“Evacuation.” Praesi was the one to answer. “The seers saw some unspecified trouble, so the town moved into Sojan. We’re quite crowded now.”

“Unspecified?” Silay gave a short laugh. “They were probably seeing us. Or my friends, at any rate.”

“Or Wrigcyn.” It was the man who had spoken earlier. “I was given to understand he was tracking you.”

Silay nodded. “And you are?”

“Edo. Also, a magician. I’m going to see if I can get the collar off of your thief friend.”

Silay was about to respond to the ‘thief’ comment, but bit her tongue instead. These people, whatever their opinions, were here to help. She didn’t want to offend them.

Jarlen must have heard the horses, because he was standing outside the house to greet them. After introductions, Praesi and Edo went in, leaving the third man to stay with the horses. Jarlen led the Guardswoman to the kitchen where they had assembled their few remaining supplies, and Silay led the magician to Riya’s room.

Riya was awake and sitting up, which Silay took as a good sign, but her skin was so pale it was almost transparent. Still, she managed to nod a greeting to the newcomer.

He returned the nod. “I’m Edo. Shall we take a look at things?” He walked to the bed, and Riya leaned forward so he could see the magic seal on the back of the collar.

“It’s just a standard collar.” Her voice was weak. “But from what I could sense of him, Wrigcyn is strong. It might be hard to break his seal.”

“Mmhmm.” Edo held out his index finger, and it looked to Silay that a small blob of light rested on the tip of it. He moved his finger towards the seal, and when it got close, the light jumped forward to touch it. “Ouch!” Edo pulled his hand back and hissed in pain.

Riya raised her eyebrows. “I warned you.”

The other magician grimaced and shook his hand out. “You did. Let’s try something else.”

He unslung the bag that was across his shoulders and removed a pair of gloves from it. Holding the gloves in his left hand, he began to move the index finger of his right hand across the palm and fingers of the of the first glove. As he moved his finger, a trail of light traced his movements across the worn leather surface.

Silay watched in fascination, dying to ask what he was doing, but afraid to interrupt his concentration by asking.

“It’s a reveal spell.”

Silay’s eyes jumped from the glove to Edo’s face. He gave her a smile. “I saw you watching. Now, hopefully, when I touch the seal with this,” he held up the now glowing right-hand glove, “the details of the binding spell will show up on the left glove. Then I can figure out how to break it.”

“It’s like a riddle.” Riya’s voice was low, but clear. “Right now, Edo doesn’t even know the question. The gloves will give him that.”

“But what if he can’t figure out the answer?” Silay’s voice was filled with concern.

Edo shrugged as he pulled on the gloves. “Then I try something else."

I really like Edo's and Praesi's names. They're both from Latin...can you figure out which words are at their roots? And if you're wondering why the third guardsman doesn't get a name, well, it's because I two new character names at a time seem to be my maximum quota

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