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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chapter 9, Pt. 10

Jarlen and the two guards looked up when Silay entered the kitchen. Talis wasn’t there, but that didn’t surprise her. Edo’s absence, however, did.

“Where did Edo go?”

Jarlen stood up. “He left the house. I assumed to get something from his pack. If everything all right?”

“I’m not sure.” Silay shrugged. “I’m going to go talk with him. I’ll be back soon.”

“Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.”

“I will.” Silay left.

The horses were tethered outside, but Edo wasn’t by them. She finally found him sitting on a short garden wall a few houses down. He glanced at her briefly, but didn’t say anything.

Silay debated her next move for a moment, then with a mental shrug, sat next to him on the wall. When Edo still didn’t speak, Silay broke the silence.

“You kind of stormed off.”

“You don’t know what she did.” Edo continued to stare straight ahead.

“Stole the Wardstone?”

Edo’s head whipped around to face Silay. “So you do know!”

Silay raised her left shoulder in a slight shrug. “I know she took the Wardstone. I don’t really know what happened after that.”

“No. I guess you would be too young to remember.”

Sily raised her eyebrows. She had never been able to raise just one like Jarlen. “I don’t think I’m that much younger that you. It’s more a matter of never having left Dagrosa before this.”

“I suppose.” Edo went back to staring off  into the distance.

“Tell me.”

“What?” He turned back to Silay.

“Tell me what happened. Help me understand. What did Riya do that makes people so angry at her?”

“Sojan and Griffin are the two biggest inland cities. We’ve always been trade rivals.”

“That shouldn’t matter. There’s been peace in Ohicink for the last 50 years.”

“It was almost broken 10 years ago.” Edo pause, and Silay waited for him to continue. If there was one thing she had learned during her year as a ghost, it was patience.

            “No one knew the Wardstone was missing. We all went about our daily lives. That night, a group of mercenaries attack. No one has ever been able to prove that they were being paid by Griffin’s merchants, but almost everyone in Sojan thinks that what happened. We’ve since dropped the case against Griffin to help keep the peace. But—”


“Nut we’ve never really forgive them either. Or Riya. Most of the Wall Guards dies that night, and a lot of people were badly hurt. One band of the mercenaries made it through the walls and started setting fires to buildings. None of it would have happened if we’d had the Wardstone.”

“But she gave it back.”

“Which is why he wasn’t executed. She returned it the same day as the attack, but it still took us another day to clear out all the mercenaries. And even longer to recover.” He took a deep breath. “Not that you can ever really recover, living like through something like that.”

“I don’t believe Riya could have done something like that on purpose. She couldn’t have known about the attack!” Edo turned to look at her, and Silay fell silent,

“You really trust her, don’t you?”

“She’s saved my life. Twice.” Silay gave a small smile. “And stolen from me once. But yes, I trust her. She might make mistakes sometimes, but I don’t think she could ever deliberately hurt people like that.”

“Perhaps not.” Edo looked away again. “But that doesn’t mean I have to forgive her.”

“No one is asking you to forgive her. Just to help her.”

“I already tried to, remember?”

“But not with my blood.”

“That’s not how blood magic works.”

Silay jumped off the wall and stood facing Edo. “Try.”

He raised his eyebrows. Apparently, he hadn’t mastered the one eyebrow lift either. “Try what?”

“Magic. Try to cast a spell on me.”

Edo gestured towards Silay with his right hand, almost flippantly. Then he froze. His forehead furrowed, and he left his arm, fingers extended, pointed at her. Nothing continued to happen. Edo held the stance mumbling words under his breath. Still nothing.

Silay grasped her hands behind her back. “Should something be happening?”

As an answer, Edo waved his arm so it was pointing at a small rock in the road. It lifted off the ground for a moment, then settled back down. He moved his hand back towards Silay. Nothing.

“You have no idea how strange this is,” he commented. “I can feel the magic moving through me, but nothing is happening.”

“It’s how Riya feels all the time, now.”

Edo sighed, and got down from the wall. “You’re right. Your blood might work. I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you.”

End of Chapter 9
Check back Wednesday for the Chapter Epilogue
Because this story really need a character with a tragic backstory resulting from the actions of another character. 

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  1. Proofreading :)

    If everything all right? (Is)
    off into (double space?)
    Edo pause, (paused)
    mercenaries attack (attacked)
    Sojan thinks that what (that's)
    Nut we’ve never really forgive them either (But... forgiven)
    why he wasn’t executed (she)
    living like through (extra "like")
    silent, (.)