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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chapter 9, Pt. 6

Talis had stopped shouting, but was still hitting the door in a half-hearted manner when Silay threw it open.


Talis froze mid-knock. “Out where?”

“I don’t care. Just get out.”

“I’m free to go?”

“Isn’t that what I just said?”

“But—” Talis paused. “If I leave, Wrigcyn will just grab me again.”

“I really don’t care.” There was a sharp edge to Silay’s voice.

“I came to you for help. You’re supposed to be the good guys.”

“And you threw in your lot with the bad guys. It’s called consequences.”

Much to Silay’s surprise, Talis walked back into the room and sat down on the edge of the bed. She glared at him.

“That’s the opposite of what I told you to do.”

“Did Riya teach you to fight like that?”

“What?” The change of topic caught Silay off guard.

“When you caught me. Did Riya teach you that?”


Talis nodded, as if this information meant something to him. “You fought well.”

“And what does that have to do with the price of cheese?”

He shrugged. “Just thought you’d like to know.”

There was a moment of silence before Silay spoke. “She’s sick. Riya, I mean. Because of you. Because you led that magician to us.”

“I know.” There was remorse in Talis’ voice, but Silay couldn’t tell if it was genuine or not. He looked up and met her eyes.

“Do you have any idea what it’s like? Trying to live up to some amazing Destiny with no idea how to do it?”

“No,” Silay said drily. “I don’t.”

“Oh, right. I forgot.” Talis sighed and dropped his gaze. “One of the Dagrosa council members told me about the plague. Since I have a Hero-like Destiny, he thought I might be able to help.” He shrugged. “But the Seer wouldn’t tell me anything about it. So I left to see what I could find on my own.”

“And you met Wrigcyn.”

“No. I met Kade.” He looked back up. “I truly never meant for anyone to get hurt. I just thought that this was my chance to be great, you know? I’d get close to Kade, figure out what was going on, and stop the plague.”

“But you changed your mind and decided to help them attack us instead?”

“No!” Talis stood up. “Wrigcyn got suspicious when he learned you and I were both from Dagrosa. He made me take a blood oath. And I was afraid of what he would do if I refused.”

Silay stared at him for a moment, digesting this. “You still did wrong,” she said finally. “The Seer told you not to get involved.”

“I’m not asking for forgiveness. Just for help.”

“Then ask someone else. Go or stay, I don’t care.” Silay turned to leave, but stopped to look back at Talis. “But if you do stay, you’ll have to find your own food. We’re running low on supplies.”

She left the room and headed towards the kitchen. A few moments later, Silay heard Talis walk out of the house, unsure whether she wanted him to leave or come back. She didn’t trust him, or even like him, but she could relate with his uncertainty about the future. And, selfishly, she didn’t want to feel the guilt she knew she would if something bad happened to him.
"What does that have to do with the price of cheese?" is a favourite saying of one of my co-workers, and it cracks me up, so I knew I had to find a way to work it into my story.

The polls are closed, and the votes are in, it seems it is forgivable for me to change Wilbrock's name. So, I'm happy to introduce Wrigcyn, now playing the part formerly called Wilbrock. Hope it doesn't cause you too much confusion. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chapter 9, Pt. 5

Silay was woken up by the sound of Riya thrashing against her blankets. She jumped to her feet and grabbed Riya’s shoulder, shaking it gently.

“Riya? Riya, wake up. You’re dreaming.”

Riya continued her imaginary struggle, and Silay shook her shoulder harder. “Riya? Riya. Riya!”

Riya shot up into a sitting position, breathing hard.

Silay instinctively jerked her hand away, then tentatively replaced it back on Riya’s shoulder.

“It’s all right. You were just dreaming.”

Riya blinked a few times. “Silay? What—I thought—”

“It’s all right. Just a dream. Whatever it was, it isn’t real.”

Riya shook her head. “It was though. Just not anymore.” She looked up and saw the worry in Silay’s face. “I’m fine. Really.” She forced a smile for Silay’s sake. “O could use a cup of tea, thought.”

Silay hesitated, not sure if she should leave, but Riya gave her hand a gentle push off her shoulder. “Go. I’m fine.”

“All right, then.” Silay didn’t believe her, but had a feeling Riya wanted to be left alone, so she headed towards the kitchen.

*   *   *

Jarlen was already in the kitchen when Silay entered. He nodded a greeting. “The water is boiling. There’ll be tea soon.”

“Good.” Silay sat down at the table. “I’ll take a cup for Riya, too.”

“Is she up? How is she?”

Silay shrugged. “I’m not sure. I know you’re not a Healer, and the problem is magical, but—”

Jarlen smiled at her as he poured a cup of tea. “I’ll look in on her. See if there is anything I can do.”

“Thanks.” Silay reached out to take the cup, but was interrupted by a pounding from the door down the hall.

“Hey! Remember me? Any chance of getting some food?”

Silay stopped, her hand halfway to the cup of tea. “Drats. I’d almost forgotten about Talis.” She dropped her outstretched hand. “You want to take the tea, and I’ll go deal with him?”

Jarlen raised an eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.” Silay’s voice was grim.”

“All right. Shout if you need anything.”

“I will.”
originally wrote the sentence "Riya shot up into a sitting position, breathing hard" "Riya shot up into a sitting position, eyes wide, and breathing hard", but then worried it might sound like her eyes were breathing hard, which would be weird. So I changed it. 
Btw- Have you voted on the poll about Wilbrock's name? The poll ends soon.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chapter 9, Pt. 4

“Jarlen!” The relief in the Seer’s voice was clear. “I’ve been worried.”

“I’m sorry. We were—”

“Ambushed. I know. I’ve just had trouble tracking you since then. Silay’s proximity blurs the future around you.”

Across the table from Jarlen, Silay blushed.

The Seer continued. “It is good you were able to contact me. The future has changed. There is still a plague, but now there is war as well.”

“You mean I’ve made things worse?!” Silay fell silent at a glance from Jarlen. The Seer couldn’t hear her, after all.

“War with whom?” Jarlen asked.

“With S'veal. Wilbrock’s homeland. I believe you have met him?”

“Yes, unfortunately.”

“He contacted me recently, and I believe you may be in danger from him.”

“We captured Talis. He was working for him.”

“Ah. That explains how he was tracking you. The best thing to do now is to send the boy away and get to someplace safe. Are you far from Sojan?”

Jarlen paused before answering and looked at Silay. She knew what he was asking and shook her head no. “I’m not leaving Riya.”

Jarlen nodded and answered the Seer. “Riya isn’t well. She was collared, and I don’t think she can travel.”

“Where are you?”

“Turvew. But we don’t even have horses.”

“Then I will contact Sojan and have them send you help. You are close enough that they should be able to reach you before Wrigcyn.” The Seer fell silent for a moment. “Is Silay there?”


“Then give her this hope. I no longer See the plague spreading as far as it once did. And I believe the war can be prevented.”

The Farstone stopped glowing and Jarlen set it down.

“Now what?”

“We get some rest.”

Silay nodded in agreement, and after checking on Riya, spread out her bedroll besides the magician’s bed and fell into a blessedly dreamless sleep.
I think one of the hardest parts about writing dialogue with the Farstone is I can't describe the facial expressions of the person on the other end of the conversation

Also, I absolutely hate Wilbrock's name. I put it in during my rough draft as a place holder, and hadn't thought of another one by the time the first post with his name was set to go live. So, question. Would you all be upset if I changed his name? What if I were to let you name him, as a sort of apology? I'll have a poll here on the blog. You can post name suggestions in the comments.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chapter 9, Pt. 3

The inside of the house told a lot more about had happened at Turvew than the outside had. Or at least, it showed what hadn’t happened. All of the furniture seemed to be intact, but there was no food, blankets, or clothes. Whoever lived here had packed before leaving. It was certainly a better sign than an abandoned house full of food. People had fled the town in a hurry, but not in a panic. After Silay made sure Riya was sleeping, albeit fitfully, in one of the bedrooms, she joined Jarlen in the kitchen. When he had returned with supplies, they had secured Talis in the bedroom farthest from Riya’s.

“What’s wrong with her? Can you do anything to help?”

Jarlen looked up from his seat at the kitchen table, looking as exhausted as Silay felt. “She isn’t sick. It’s the collar.”

“I knew it hurt her. I just didn’t think it was bad enough to make her, well, like this.”

“I’m a bit surprised by it too, to be honest.” He shook his head. “She must be more powerful of a magician than I thought.”

“What do you mean?”

“The collars aren’t really made to be worn for long periods of time. There are other ways to block a magician’s power that doesn’t hurt them. But those ways can take time to set up, so the collars were designed as a temporary solution or containing dangerous magicians.”

“What does that have to do with how powerful Riya is?” As always, Silay was drawn to any information about magic she could learn.

“The collars work by essentially reflecting a magician’s power back on him, or her, self. Their own magic fuels them. So the stronger the magician, the stronger its effects.” He shrugged. “Riya is an illusionist. That’s the easiest kind of magic there is. It just changes how things seem to be, not their actual nature. I knew the collar would affect her like this eventually, but I though it would have taken at least three more days.”

“But Riya turned her donkey yellow,” Silay pointed out. “It’s not just an illusion. He’s really stuck that way.”

Jarlen raised her eyebrows. “That is interesting. And her with no formal training. It’s possible she doesn’t realize how much power, and skill, it takes to do something like that.”

Silay shrugged. “It doesn’t matter, really. What matters is that we figure out what to do now.”

Jarlen nodded in agreement. “That’s why I wanted you to meet me in the kitchen. I don’t want Talis to overhear what we’re about to do.” He held up the Farstone. “It’s time we check in with the Seer.”
More rules of magic.