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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chapter 8, Pt. 9

Exploring was put aside in favor of finding shelter before the last remnants of light disappeared behind the horizon. Nobody wanted to spend the night in the abandoned town, especially since they didn't know why it had been abandoned. So instead, they pitched their camp a little ways off the road outside of town. As a gesture of goodwill, they left Talis untied. The next morning, even Riya was up early. Though apprehensive, all of them wanted to figure out what had happened.

Jarlen was the first through the gate. "I think we should split up. Riya and Silay can explore along the wall starting on the left. Talis and I will follow the wall to the right. When we meet up, we'll move down the main street together." Riya and Silay nodded their consent. Talis scowled, but didn't object, so the two groups separated.

Silay and Riya followed their part of wall in a comfortable silence. Silay was startled to find that she missed the days when it had been just her and Riay traveling, back before Talis' attack, and their later arrest. Back when this unquest had been more of an adventure, an escape from Dagrosa and the people there. Before the plague had truly started.

"Copper for your thoughts."

Silay shook her head, trying to clear her mind. "When I first started out, the plan was for me to reach Dilest before the plague began. Now it's too late for that."

Riya snorted.

"What?" Silay demanded. "That wasn't meant to be funny. The Seer thought I might be able to figure out how the plague was spreading and help the Healers stop it!"

"Sorry," Riya gave a sympathetic smile. "It's just that I was asking about your thoughts about what happened here." She glanced at Silay. "This is really bothering you, isn't it?"

Silay nodded. "Not that I ever really thought I could help. It's just now it feels like I've failed."

"I don't think that. We actually have a pretty good idea about what started the plague, now."

"Which we discovered by accident, when I led us into an ambush."


Silay stopped and glared at Riya. "That does not make me feel better."

"No, I mean..." Riya tried to gather her thoughts. "The whole point of sending you was because your future is unknown, right? So if you hadn't gone, you wouldn't have been ambushed, and we wouldn't know what we know now. So it did work. Now we just need to work out what to do with that knowledge."

Before Silay could answer, there was a shout off to their right. The two women exchanged glances then took off running towards the sound. 

They found Jarlen slumped against a wall. He pointed back towards the gate, at the retreating figure of Talis. Without pausing, or thinking, Silay pivoted and took off after him. He hadn't expected pursuit and so hadn't been moving at his full speed. Consequently, it wasn't until he heard Silay's footsteps behind him that he picked up his pace. By then, it was too late. With a shout, Silay jumped forward and slammed into him, throwing both of them to the ground.
End of Chapter 8: An Unexpected Encounter
Check in Wednesday for the Chapter Epilogue! 

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  1. Proofreading :)

    when it had been just her and Riay traveling (Riya... and this is another of those times when I get confused by Latin and don't know whether "her" is okay or whether it should be "she". I think colloquially we use the oblique case for this kind of usage, i.e., "It's just me." But I don't know why, or what to call that. ...One of these days, I'll actually learn English grammar.)