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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chapter 8 Epilogue

When the Farstone emitted the faint blue glow that meant someone was trying to contact her, the Seer jumped out of her chair. It had been nearly a week since she had heard from Silay. And while she could occasionally See glimpses of her companions, because of their proximity to Silay what she Saw was vague and distorted. But she knew enough to tell they had been in some sort of trouble.

She picked up the Fartsone, but to her disappointment, the mind at the other end was not Jarlen.


"Greetings, Seer."

"Who is this?" The Seer felt a wave of amusement from the stone. People always seemed amused that she didn't know everything. It was frustrating, but she had grown accustomed to it over time.

"My name is Wrigcyn."

In an instant, the Seer's mind filled in the information, pulling from visions of the future. "You are a magician. From S'vael".

"Indeed. And I know where Silay is. Do you?"

As the man spoke, the Seer could feel the future shifting, changing. She pushed the vision aside for the moment; she would look at it later.

"How could you know that?"

The magician laughed. "I am not limited by Sight, as are you."

There was a puzzle there, but now wasn't the time to solve it. "Why are you contacting me?"

"I thought your little oddity was harmless, but now she is involved in things she should not be. Call your pet back home, or there will be consequences."

"All actions have consequences." It was the oldest tenant of all seers.

"Bad consequences."

"Why should I believe you?"

"You see the future. Look there."

The stone stopped glowing, and the Seer sighed and set it down. Rising, she walked to the cabinet that held her Seeing crystal. She gently lifted the crystal from its case and set it on the table.

The future had changed. The plague was still there, still a possibility, but it was no longer the overpowering future. She grabbed the Farstone again. She had to warn the other cities. There, in the crystal, was the possibility of war.
This is actually the second epilogue I wrote for chapter 8. In the first one, Healer Aibas had tracked down a Farstone and was using it to call the Seer and fill her in what Silay and co. had figured out. But that didn't feel right. So this is where I decided to go instead.

Also, my husband has asked that I credit him for finally giving a name to the kingdom responsible for the plague. He says it's a combination of 'hades' and 'evil'. 

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