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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chapter 8, Pt. 8

They had gotten a later start than they had planned to, and the moon was already beginning to show herself when they finally arrived in Turvew. The thought of an inn, with beds and warm food, was about the only thing that had kept Silay slogging forward along the road as she tried to keep up with Jarlen's long strides. Now he had stopped just outside the town's gate. Silay peered around him and saw the door was wide open.

"That's odd. I thought everyone had closed off their towns to travelers."

"They should have." Riya joined Silay. The journey had been harder on her than on the others, and though her face was lined with pain, she was trying not to show it.

Jarlen took a step back. "Something is wrong."

"We should investigate."

The group turned and stared at Talis. "What? Isn't that what you all are supposed to be doing? Figuring out what's wrong, and fixing it?"

Silay glared at Talis. "Last time we investigated something, we were ambushed."

"All right then." Before anyone could stop him, Talis stepped through the gate. There was a silence before he spoke again. "So...there doesn't seem to be an ambush, but I do think you all should come see this."

Jarlen and Riya glanced to Silay, who shuffled her feet, uncomfortable with the looks and knowing what they meant. They wanted her to make a decision again. She took a deep breath, and turned towards the gate. Jarlen and Riya followed her, and they all joined Talis, who was staring at the sight.

"Gods." Riya swore under her breath. "It looks like...."

"Sojan." Jarlen finished her thought. "After you-- after they lost their Wardstone."

"Where is everyone?" Silay looked around, but the only movement she saw was from the birds picking at crumbs on the ground. She jumped when Jarlen placed his hand on her shoulder.

"That," he said, "is a very good question."
Because it ain't a fantasy story until the heroes find an abandoned town. 

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  1. Proofreading :)

    an inn, with beds and warm food was (you know I'm searching for something to critique when I question commas)
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