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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chapter 8, Pt. 7

Before setting up a watch and getting some sleep, they got the rest of the story from Talis. After Kade had hired Talis, the two of them had gone back to investigate the area where Talis had captured Silay. There, Kade had gathered bits of bark and rope that Silay and Riya had left behind. All with Silay's blood on it.

Riya shook her head. "That couldn't have been a lot of blood. I doubt it's enough to use for any kind of spell."

"They knew where to find us," Jarlen pointed out. "Is it possible Wrigcyn's been tracking us?"

"He'd have to be an incredibly strong magician to work with such a small amount of blood," Riya was still doubtful.

"But what if he is?" Jarlen pressed.

"Then there is nothing we can do about it tonight." Riya stood. "I'll take first watch. Silay's idea about tying up Talis might not be a bad one for the night."

Talis protested, but Jarlen tied his arms together loosely, just tight enough that he wouldn't be able to escape easily. None of them slept well that night.
Silay woke up early the next morning and made her way out of the tent, careful not to wake Riya, who probably needed sleep more than any of them. Jarlen was already up, sitting by small fire. Next to him, Talis was scowling and making a show of rubbing his wrists where Jarlen had bound him.

Jarlen stood. "Want to train?" He held out the sword Aibas had given them since their others had been stolen. Silay had borrowed it the night before when going to get water. Now she shook her head.

"Why bother? Every time I've had a chance to use it, I just stood there."

"Because it's not about using the sword. It's about using your feet."

Silay glared at Talis. "Who asked you?"

He shrugged. "I saw you draw your sword when we attacked you. You handle it fine. You just didn't know how to move."

"And you do?"

"Hero training, remember?"

"He might be right," Jarlen cut in before Silay could respond. "And if so, it's my fault. I'm hardly a sword-master, and I've never tried to teach someone before. Starting with the weapon seemed to make the most sense, given the limited training time we had."

Talis had started shaking his head before Jarlen had finished. "I spent a year learning footwork before I started to seriously use a weapon."

Silay hesitated, pride arguing with reason. "Show me."

Talis stood and stretched out, then looked pointedly at the sword in Jarlen's hand.

He raised his eyebrows. "You're the one who said she had to learn footwork. You can teach that without a sword."

Talis grinned. "Worth a try." He turned to Silay. "Let's see what you know."
I could give a play-by-play of footwork practice, but nobody enjoys that (trust me, no one. It's the most important part of fencing, but let's be honest, all everyone wants to do is to get to play with the sword). So, you're welcome for that. 

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