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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chapter 8, Pt. 2

Silay couldn't remember the last time she had woken up and not been sore and tired. Sleeping outside, under the stars, had always sounded so, well, glamorous in stories. But the truth of the matter was that the ground was just not a comfortable place to sleep. No matter where you set up your sleeping roll there would inevitably be a root poking you in the back. Of course, thought Silay, the balm Healer Aibas had given her to rub on her muscles had probably helped too.

Aibas, Jarlen, and Silay were in the midst of quietly making breakfast when Riya finally woke up. There were dark circles under her eyes, and her face was pale. Whatever Aibas had given her to ease the pain of the collar had clearly worn off.
"Good morning!" If there was one thing Silay had learned about her friend, it was that she didn't like pity. "You look terrible!" She added cheerfully.

Riya stuck her tongue out at Silay. "You're no morning flower yourself."

"Now, now, ladies, no need to fight for my attention."

The notion was so astounding that for a moment, all Silay and Riya could do was stare at Jarlen incredulously. He laughed, and Riya punched him softly in the arm, a gesture of familiarity that startled Silay. It occurred to her that her friends probably hadn't been sleeping any better than she had during their journey.

"Is there any tea?"

The Healer nodded and poured hot water over a mug she had already prepared before handing it to Riya.

Riya took a sip and grimaced. "Willowbark?"

"It will help with the headache."

"Yes, but what will help with the taste?"

Aibas smiled, and passed her a pot of honey. Riya sat down at the table where they had eaten the night before, and Jarlen and Silay followed, Jarlen carrying a pot of porridge, and Silay bearing a bowl of fruit.

There was very little conversation as the four of them set about the important business of eating breakfast. Once Aibas was satisfied that her guests were well-fed, she cleared away the food and re-joined them at the table.

"Now," she looked around at three travel-worn faces, "let's talk about this plague."
Look! Riya and Jarlen can get along! Just no "'shipping" them, okay? 

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  1. Proofreading :)

    Editing note - the last sentence of the first paragraph throws me a bit when I read it, because there isn't a transition between the complaint about sleeping outside and the idea that last night's sleep was so much better (because inside).

    (Need a blank line between 2nd and 3rd paragraphs.)
    She added (she)