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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chapter 8, Pt. 1

Silay leaned back in her chair, slowly sipping the strong tea the Healer had made for all of them. Once Healer Aibas had seen that they were all exhausted and hurt, she had refused to let them tell her their story until she had seen to their injures and everyone had eaten a simple, but good meal. The small group was seated around her table, and Silay was happy to let Jarlen fill his old teacher in on what had been happening.

The Healer's brow furrowed as Jarlen finished explaining. "So, someone is behind this?"
The three travelers nodded, and Aibas shook her head sadly. "I just can't imagine. So many people..." She broke off, unable to finish the thought in all their minds. So many people sick. So many people who would die. "And you say it is magical." She looked at Riya this time, who bobbed her head in acknowledgment. Aibas had tried some general release spells to get the collar off her, but none had worked. She had finally settled for giving Riya something to help lessen her headache. The Healer sighed. "I think the rest of this discussion can wait until morning. Sleep is the best healer, after all."

Jarlen nodded in agreement, but before anyone stood to leave the table, Silay asked the question that had been on her mind since Aibas had invited them into her home.

"Why was Jarlen your worst student?"

Healer Aibas laughed. "Because he had the audacity to apply to be a Healer's apprentice, and him with no healing power!" She gave her former pupil a fond smile. "So I took him on, of course. I was a bit rebellious in those days." She shook her head in mock disappointment. "He never did become a Healer. He couldn't manage even the simplest of spells."

Silay grinned at this. "I can see where that might be a problem."

Jarlen rolled his eyes and stood up from the table. "The two of you are worse than my sisters. So, if you are done making fun of me..." The rest of sentence was swallowed in a yawn. This set all three women to laughing, and a moment later, Jarlen's low chuckle joined them.

Healer Aibas rose from the table. "I've always said it is best to go to bed happy. Let me go get some blankets and pillows and see if we can't make you all comfortable."

It was the closest to sleeping in beds any of them had come to in weeks. Exhausted from the last few days, the Healer's three guests were asleep in a matter of moments. But sleep came much more slowly for Aibas herself, her head filled with worries about the magical plague and who could be behind it.
Ah, sleep. Truly the best healer of all.

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  1. Proofreading :)

    (Needs a blank line between second and third paragraphs, or possibly just delete the carriage return between "'So, someone is behind this?'" and "The three travelers nodded.")