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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chapter 7, Pt. 6

Silay woke the next morning cold and stiff. Even worse, she was thirsty. More thirsty than she had ever been in her life. Carefully, she stood and slowly flexed her muscles. Jarlen was awake, sitting with his back against the wall. He nodded in greeting, dark circles under his eyes suggesting he hadn't slept at all. Riya was still asleep, curled up in a corner like a cat. Her face was pale.

Quietly, so she didn't wake Riya, Silay went through the stretches she had been taught. Once her muscles were warmed up, she did a few of Riya’s drills. Jarlen eventually stood up and joined her. After they had gone through two rounds of drills, he stopped. “We should wake her up.” He nodded towards the corner. “We need to find water, and food.”

Silay followed his gaze. “Is she all right?”

Jarlen shrugged. “The collar hurts her. And though she’s tried to hide it, I think she got injured in the fight.”


“We were attacked when we reached the road. You didn't think we had wander off and abandoned you, did you?”

Silay shook her head. “I was attacked too. I just didn't…” she trailed off. “Well, there wasn't really much of a fight.”

Jarlen chuckled softly “You don’t become a swordmaster overnight.”

“Or even over a few years.”

Startled, Silay and Jarlen turned to face Riya.

“You’re awake!”

Riya gave Silay a small smile. “I noticed.” Yawning, she slowly climbed to her feet, leaning against the wall for support. “We need to find water.”

“We've already established that.” Jarlen crossed the room and grasped Riya's hand, helping to pull her upright. “Let’s go see what we can find.”

Wondered what happened to Jarlen and Riya?

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  1. Proofreading :)

    we had wander off (wandered)
    Jarlen chuckled softly (.)