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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chapter 7, Pt. 4

Silay heard a chair being dragged against the floor, stopping by her feet. There was a moment of silence, then the stranger began to speak.

"First, I should tell you that I have a spell which allows me to tell when lies are told. It would not be a good idea for you to lie to me.  Understand?"

Silay nodded, and immediately regretted it. Her head was still throbbing.

"Good. Let's start with the basics, shall we? What is your name?"

"Silay Gallegis." Her voice sounded strange in her ears.

"Thank you." There was a pause, then he continued. "I've been given to understand that people from your city are told their destinies. What is yours?"

For a moment, Silay considered lying. She was fairly certain the man's spell wouldn't work on her. But she didn't know what Talis had told him. "I don't have one."

"Why not?"

Silay shifted her position, and felt the tug of the ropes on her wrists and ankles. The longer she sat here, the tighter they felt. "I don't know. The Seer just couldn't see my future." Talking to a person she couldn't see was very disconcerting. She shifted again, straining against her bonds.

The man noticed. "You would be more comfortable if you didn't struggle." He paused. "Tell me what it is you and your companions are trying to do."

"Stop the plague." The man had yet to ask any questions Talis didn't already know the answer to.

"And how do you plan to do this?"

Silay struggled to sit up straighter, the advice Jarlen had given her back when she'd first met him running through her mind. Be confident. "That's none of your business!"

The man laughed. "Shall I tell you what I think? I think you don't know. Your Seers have seen the results of a plague, but try as the might, they can't see how it began. And so they've sent the one other thing they can't see anything about to try to stop it."

"That's not true!"

The man laughed again. "I don't need a truth spell to tell you're lying. Kade was right. You present no threat."  Silay heard a scraping sound, and when the man spoke again, his voice came from further above her head. "I think we have wasted our time here." There were footsteps as he crossed the room again. "Gag her. She's of no further use, and we have business elsewhere."

"We're just going to leave her?" It was Talis' voice.

"Be grateful my orders aren't to kill her. Do as you're told."

Silay felt Talis' hand near her mouth and twisted. Her teeth closed down on something soft.

"Ow!" The hand jerked away.

From across the room, the man chuckled. "I'm beginning to think you're as useless as she is. Now hurry up."

Silay struggled as Talis tried to get the gag in her mouth, but he was stronger than her and finally succeeded. She heard to two sets of footsteps walk away, and then a door slammed. Silay struggled against the ropes, ignoring the pain as they rubbed against her skin. She had to get out. She had no idea where she was, or if anyone would find her. But the ropes didn't give, and eventually she leaned back against the wall,  exhausted. The pain in her head was increasing, and she was having trouble breathing through the gag. She had to calm herself down. Forcing herself to breath slowly, she began to fall into a kind of half-sleep, half-stupor.
Here are the important questions: Where are Jarlen and Riya? Who is the strange man? What has Talis gotten himself into? How am I going to write Silay out of this situation? And, of course...What happened to the character profile I said would go up on Wednesday?
Check back on Monday for the answer to one of these questions. 

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