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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chapter 7, Pt. 3

Her head was the first thing Silay noticed. It felt like someone was hammering on her skull. She kept her eyes closed, hoping the pain would go away. It didn’t, but the pounding sound in her ears lessened. She opened her eyes. Everything was still dark. Had something happened to her eyes? But no. She could feel the cloth pressing against her forehead. A blindfold. She tried to take it off, and for the second time in her life found that her hands and been bound behind her back. Talis! It had been Talis again. And someone else. Kade. The seer Riya had sent her to back at the festival.

Gently, Silay tugged at the ropes around her wrist. They didn’t move. Her ankles, too, were tied together. At least she seemed to be propped against a wall instead of tied to a tree. She carefully took stock of her situation. She was tied up, blindfolded, and gagged, but other than her head, nothing else seemed to be hurt. That was good at least. If only she knew where she was, or what had happened to Riya or Jarlen.

“I think your friend is awake.” It was a man’s voice, one Silay didn't recognize.

“I told you, she’s not my friend.” The second speaker was Talis. “When will Kade be back?”

“When he’s done.”

“Done with what?”

“That’s not your concern.” A pause. “Check on the girl.”

Footsteps moved towards her, than a hand touched her face. Silay flinched and the hand pulled back.

“By the gods, Silay. I’m not going to hurt you.” Talis’ voice was right in front of her. “I’m just taking the gag out.”

The other man spoke. “You can yell, if you want. But I've warded the room against sound.”

Silay doubted she could have yelled even if she wanted to. Just the thought of loud noises made her head throb. She held still while Talis removed her gag. Something pressed against her mouth. A waterskin. Silay managed to gulp down a mouthful before Talis pulled it back.

“Where are Riya and Jarlen?” Her voice was raspy.

“They are secured. Like you.” Another set of footsteps moved toward her, someone with a longer stride than Talis. “There are some questions we would like to ask you.”
Dun, dun, dahhhh! Intrigue, suspense, danger, and a splitting headache! What will happen next? Will Silay escape her captors? Tune back next week for the continuing adventure of Undestined!!!
Or, tune in on Wednesday to see a new character profile of Talis.

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  1. No proofreading things on this one! Just idly wondering - was there something Kade was up to? Or is that just a way of confirming for the reader that he's around (and establishing Talis's role in this little group)?