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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chapter 6 Epilogue

"How do they function?"

"Sire?" The scribe looked up from his work to see the king pacing in front of the map again. The map was huge, taking up nearly an entire wall in the scriptorium, and showed the different cities of Ohicink.

"Them!" The king thrust an angry finger against the wall. "How do they function? No king, no ruler, just cities all with their own little laws running amok. It should not work!"

The scribe pushed aside the documents he was working on and joined the king by the map. He was, of course, right. By all accounts, Ohicink should not exist as it is. Other un-unified lands either fought amongst themselves until they were conquered by another country, or one of the cities rose to power over the other. Yet Ohicink had remained unconquered and peaceful for as long as any records showed. Which was, of course, why something had to be done. It just wasn't right, a country like that.

The scribe reminded the king of this. "Give it time. The Magicians say it won't be long now."

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