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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chapter 6, Pt. 3

The next morning, no one joined Silay for her training, so she got up and ran through the exercises Riya had taught her first, then the few sword drills she had learned from Jarlen. When she finished, she built up a small fire and started heating what remained of their bread for breakfast. She had just started boiling water when Riya came out of the tent. Her eyes were red with dark circles under them.

Riya looked at the pot of water. "Oh, good. Tea." She nodded at Silay. "Thanks. And good morning."

"Good morning." Silay took the pot off the fire and added the tea leaves to it to seep while Riya walked off in the direction of the privy they had dug last night.

When Riya came back, Silay poured tea into cups for each them. They sat in silence for a moment. Finally, Riya spoke. "I'm sorry about last night."

Silay shrugged. "It's all right."

"No, it's not. What we're doing... what you're doing... it's important. Too important to let past problems get in the way. The future has enough problems of it's own."

"If there is a future." The two women jumped at the sound of Jarlen's voice. He walked over to the fire and accepted a cup of tea from Silay before sitting down. He looked at Riya. "I truly don't know if I can find it in myself to forgive you. But I can set the past aside for the sake of the future. It will be helpful to have someone who knows about magic with us." He paused, shifting his gaze between Silay and Riya. "Is that acceptable to you?"

Silay desperately wanted to ask about  what had happened after Riya stole the Wardstone, but felt this wasn't the time to ask. Instead, she nodded her assent to Jarlen's proposal, as did Riya.

"Good." Jarlen stood and stretched out his back and arms. He pulled a small bag of coins from his pocket and tossed it to Riya. "Your plan for getting supplies is the best. Silay and I will stay on this road, and you can take the main road through Fela. The roads join up again just outside the city."

Riya pocketed the coins then also stood. "Let's get going then."

As Silay helped break down the camp, she noticed that while Riya and Jarlen still didn't speak to one another, they also weren't actively avoiding each other. She was surprised by the amount of relief she felt at this. Apparently the tension between the two had been bothering her more than she had realized. But now that concern was gone, Silay felt her worry about the plague growing stronger. Both Jarlen and Riya felt that they were doing something important. The problem was, Silay still had no idea what she was going to do.


There are a lot of pacing issues in this story, I know. Not to mention some struggles with keeping a consistent voice between all the characters. This is because this blog is essentially a rough draft of a story. I edit each individual post, but I don't go back and edit the piece as a whole. Which has some mixed results. Once I do finish the story, however, I plan to go back and smooth things out. 

Also, check out the new 'Artwork' tab! Thanks to Lirantha for sharing her sketch of Silay. 

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