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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chapter 5 Epilogue

Two days after the fisherman had fallen ill, the Healer returned to check on him. His fever was less, but the spots had spread up his neck and across his back. His wife begged the Healer to try again, but he refused. The fisherman's body would fight this off on its own, or it wouldn't. He had already tried to Heal him; now he needed his strength to try to Heal the others who were ill. As he left, he worried that he had been too harsh with the old women. He was exhausted and his head was throbbing, which had caused him to be sharper than usual.

He decided to visit the young girl first. What hadn't worked for the fisherman might work for her. After the Healing, he was exhausted. He had meant to check on the other two patients, but the pounding in his head had gotten worse. He went home, crawled into bed, and fell asleep. He didn't wake up.

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