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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chapter 5, Pt. 4

Jarlen glanced back at Silay. “Are you managing all right?”

“I think so. Though I think this horse doesn’t know how to walk properly.”

On the horse next her, Riya snorted. “That’s how horses walk. It will actually be smoother once you’re comfortable enough to go faster.”

“I’m surprised you weren’t taught to ride,” Jarlen added. “I thought all children in Dagrosa were educated with the idea that they could become Heroes.”

“Sort of. When we’re little, we’re all taught the basics together. Reading, writing, simple arithmetic, map reading, that sort of thing.”

“You knew how to set up wards. And pitch a tent,” Riya pointed out.

Silay nodded. “We’re taught some basic camping skills too. The hope is that training us in the basic skills a Hero would find useful will make it more likely that one of us will become one. But after Fortune Day, we’re apprenticed to those whose jobs best match our destiny. And that’s the end of Hero training.”

“Unless,” Jarlen added, “your destiny is to be a Hero.”

“Like Talis?” asked Riya.

“I don’t think Talis’ destiny was to be Hero. It was one of the destinies we call ‘hero-like’, like being great, or becoming famous. But, yes, he was trained like he was going to be a Hero.”

“Horseback riding, sword fighting, woodcraft, and basic medicine.” Jarlen listed some of the skills Talis would have been taught, and Silay nodded her head in agreement.

“So what about you?” Riya looked over at Silay. “You said you weren’t given a destiny.”

Silay shrugged. “That was the end of my training. No one would take me as an apprentice, so I stayed at home and learned what I could by watching other people.”

“Ah.” Riya thought about this for a moment. “But at least you were taught something. Most towns don’t have anything like that.”

“Dagrosa is very different from most towns”. Jarlen’s voice had a sense of finality in it, ending the conversation. “But none of that matters now, or will ever matter again. Not unless something happens to stop the plague.”
Because keeping dialogue straight between two characters wasn't challenging enough, I felt the need to add another. You know, just to keep things confusing for me. Hopefully, it won't be confusing to you who is speaking. Feel free to let me know if you ever spot any major errors, or find something that doesn't make sense in the story. The fun thing about the way I'm writing is that you can give input during the writing process. 

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