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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chapter 5, Pt. 1

Riya had shot upright when the pounding on the door started. When the voice called "City Watch," she grabbed her bag and ran to the window. She grasped the frame and struggled to open it.

"Help me out here," she hissed.

Silay joined her by the window. "Riya, what on earth..." she was cut off by another shout from outside the door.

"Open up!" The pounding stopped as suddenly as it had begun.

Silay turned to look at the door, just as the frame splintered and the door swung in. Two men and one woman wearing the City Guard uniform rushed into the room. Riya was still struggling with the window when one of the men grabbed her. He held her still, hands behind he back, while the woman snapped a leather cuff around her neck. The second man moved towards Silay, but when he saw she wasn't trying to go anywhere, he stepped back and blocked the door. Riya, still being held by the first Guardsman, dropped her head. "Sorry," she whispered, glancing sideways at Silay.

The Guardsman at the door surveyed the room. "Riya Quillman, you are under arrest for entering the city walls of Sojan".

Riya squirmed against the man's grasp. "You have no right to hold me here."

The Guardsman raised his eyebrows. "We have every right. You were banned from Sojan three years ago."

Riya scowled. "Fine. But let her go." She nodded at Silay. "She's done nothing wrong."

"Nothing expect traveling with a known thief," the Guardswoman interjected.

Silay, who had been frozen since the Guard broke down the door, looked up at that. "I'm not a thief".

"That remains to be seen." The man by the door nodded at the woman. "Search her."

The woman stepped towards Silay, causing her to flinch. The Guardswoman noticed. "'S'alright, girl. I'm not going to hurt you." She quickly ran her hands down Silay's arms and legs and found the pouch containing the Farstone, which Silay kept on her even when asleep. "What do we have here?" The Guardswoman turned the pouch upside down over her hand. Her eyes widened, and she held up the Farstone so the other Guards could see.

"Not a thief, huh?"

"I'm not!" Silay reached out to grab the Stone, but the Guardswoman stepped back out of reach. "That's mine. It was given to me."

"Young girl, traveling with a thief, in possession of a valuable magical object?" The Guardswoman shook her head. "That doesn't look good."

The man at the door nodded in agreement. "Arrest her, too."
Because what sort of adventure story doesn't have its main character thrown in prison?

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  1. Proofreading :)

    she was cut off (She - I think. I'm a bit fuzzy on my pre/post-dialogue punctuation rules.)
    behind he back (her)
    "I'm not a thief". (! - or move the .)
    Nothing expect traveling (except)