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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chapter 4, Pt. 6

Sojan, like Griffin, was a walled city. Unlike Griffin, it had no barricade blocking the road. Silay and Riya entered without trouble and, after asking directions, had made their way to an inn. After seeing to the donkey and the wagon, they had settled down to their own meal.

"Mmmmm." Silay took a long sip of the strong and sweet hot tea in her mug.

Riya looked at her over the mug of beer in her own hand and grinned. "Sure you don't want anything stronger?"

"Nope. This is perfect." Silay surveyed the empty plate and bowl on the table in front her. "I don't think I've ever been this hungry." Even though they had been less than two days from Sojan, Riya had insisted they ration their food 'just in case'.

Riya snatched a remaining olive off Silay's plate. "Welcome to life on the road. Not as glamorous as your books make it out to be, huh?"

Silay shook her head. "The stories leave out all the boring parts, walking, eating, sleeping. But it turns out those are the hardest things to do."

"Speaking of sleeping..." Riya pushed her chair back from the table. "Let's pay for our meal, and head up to the room."

Silay also stood, and after paying the innkeeper, followed Riya up the stairs. The inn wasn't very crowded, so they were fortunate enough to have a room to themselves. When Silay got there, Riya was sitting in the center of the room. There seemed to be a line running around the room, glowing faintly. Silay stepped over it as she entered.


Riya smiled. "It's a kind of ward. It will keep anyone from eavesdropping on us."

"Doesn't look like any kind of ward I've ever seen."

"My own spell. My specialty is illusions, remember? Only this one tricks the ears instead of the eyes."

"And we're tricking people's ears because...?"

"Because it's time we check in with your Seer."

Silay nodded her agreement, and joined Riya on the floor. She took the Farstone from its pouch and handed it to Riya. Riya wrapped her hand around it, then closed her eyes, concentrating. After a few minutes, the stone began to glow. A voice came from it.

"Riya, again, unless I'm much mistaken."

"It's me. But I'm with Silay this time." Silay didn't bother speaking. She and the Seer had experimented with the Stone before she'd left, and her voice didn't carry through it.

"Good. She is safe?"

"Yes. Talis had attacked her, but she's fine now. But Talis knows about the plague. He's...."

The Seer cut Riya off. "I know. Griffin is not the only city he's warned. The situation is getting worse. Jarlen has left to join you."


"Silay will explain. Stay put in Sojan until he arrives. It should be tomorrow or the next day."

"We'll wait."

"Good." The Seer paused. "The best of luck to all of you. The visions of the plague are becoming more and more confused. I'm not sure of anything I see anymore."

"We'll be careful".

"Good," the Seer repeated. "Take care. I will contact you if I learn of anything new."


Feeling clean for the first time since she had left Dagrosa, Silay gratefully climbed into bed. She hadn't slept under a roof in over a week. She was deep asleep when she was startled awake by fists pounding on the door.

"City Guard! Open up!"

*End of Chapter Four, Trust and Betrayal*
Check back Wednesday for the Chapter Epilogue
Uh-oh. What do they want? And what is Talis up to? So many questions. so little time... well, actually, just until next week. I hate chapters that end with cliffhangers, don't you?

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