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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Character Profile: Riya (May contain spoilers)

Age: 27
Height: 5’9"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Destiny/Occupation: Travelling Magician

Description: Riya, like most people with magic, is taller than average. A travelling magician and sometime-thief, she specializes in illusion magic, and is more powerful than she thinks. She wears her hair in six braids that start at her forehead and hang to just above her shoulders, and her favourite colour is yellow. She travels with a small wagon that holds her tent and the tools of her trade drawn by a bright yellow donkey.

The wagon is also bright yellow, with green spirals painted on the sides. When she stops for the night, she spells the wagon to be a dull brown, so it doesn't attract attention. She has to cover the donkey with a blanket to hide him, since she made a mistake when casting the spell to turn him yellow, and can't turn him back. When she's set up at fairgrounds, she spells the tent to match the wagon and donkey, though it's usually brown. The donkey doesn't have a name, as it is easily identifiable as the only bright yellow donkey in Ohicink.

Riya herself typically wears a gray or other neutral coloured, sleeveless tunic that comes to just above her waist, and loose-fitting black trousers that go down to her knees. She wears black leather boots that cover her calves and lace up the sides when performing, and soft black leather walking shoes when traveling. Riya always wears a calve-length jacket with wide sleeves that flare out at the wrists. The jacket is open at the front, and has embroidery around all the edges. When she's traveling, the jacket is light brown with green spirals. When she's performing it is, as you might expect, bright yellow with green spirals. 

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