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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chapter 4, Pt. 2

There was a knob pressing into Silay's back on the tree she was tied to. She had struggled at first, but that had just made the ropes cut into her arms and wrists. Besides tying her to the tree, Talis had cut off a piece of her tunic and gagged her with it. Now he was digging through her bag.

Talis held up a jar and studied it. "Pre-made wards? Can't you make your own?"

He looked at her, and Silay glared back the best she could, her eyes filled with frustrated tears.

"Are you crying?" Talis demanded. "Not much of a hero, are you? That is what you're supposed to be, isn't it? Trying to stop the plague and all?" Silay looked away, but Talis continued. "There hasn't been a true Hero for years. I'm the closest in generations. If anyone is going to stop the plague, it'll be me."

 While he talked, he continued to dig through the bag. He pulled out the map and grinned. "Ah, here we go." Unrolling it, he looked at the town the Seer had circled for Silay. "Dilest, eh? Never even heard of it. Can't be very big." He set the map on the ground, and placed another one next to it, copying the markings on Silay's map onto his own. Then he put everything back into Silay's bag and set it on the ground next to her. He saw her eyes flick towards it. "I'm not a thief," he said defensively. "I'm just trying to get information. I'm trying to help."

Silay pulled against the ropes holding her. People who wanted to help others, she thought bitterly, did not tie people to trees.

Talis watched her struggle. "I could untie you. But I think you'll either try to attack me or run. And I don't want you to do either. At least not until I've gotten a head start on you." He stood, running his hand along his chin as he considered the problem. Finally, he sat back down and opened his bag, pulling out a small satchel of something. He poured the contents of the satchel into his water-skin and swirled it around, watching the water dissolve the mixture.

Silay was staring at him intently. "See? I'm not the bad guy here." He gave the water-skin another shake. "I'm leaving your water untouched, so you'll have something to drink when you wake up." Silay's eyes widened at his words, and Talis noticed.

"Look, I didn't want to do this, all right?" Talis stood and stepped towards her. "But it's my destiny to be great, and this plague is the first thing I've heard of that could help me do that. If you had just talked to me instead of trying to run off, we wouldn't be here." He glared at Silay. "I'm leaving you with all your things, even your dagger. You'll be able to get free after I leave. If you're smart, you'll go back home. Or something. Just don't follow me."

Suddenly, he yanked the gag off  of her.  Before Silay could yell, he covered her nose and mouth with his hand. She panicked, and pulled against the ropes desperately, trying to get Talis' hand off her face, trying to get air. Her lungs were screaming when Talis jerked her head back and uncovered her mouth. She tried to gasp for air, but got water instead, as Talis dumped the contents of his waterskin down her throat. She choked, then swallowed when Talis covered her mouth again. Breathing desperately through her nose, Silay continued to struggle against the ropes. Talis's hand on her mouth began to feel fuzzy, which, Silay thought vaguely, made sense, since Talis himself was starting to look fuzzy. The outline of his body began to blur with that of the surrounding trees. Then everything went black.
Another intense post. Lest I make her out that way, it is not at all my intent to portray Silay as weak and/or helpless. She's unprepared for the quest/unquest she's been sent on, but she's also smart and resourceful.  

Apologies for how clunky the narrative feels here. I'm better at writing dialogue than action (though, if I do say so myself, I'm pretty good at narrating sword duels. Maybe I should include one somewhere. Talis knows how fence.). 

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