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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chapter 3, Pt. 5

Silay woke up to a flood of yellow. The tent, which had been the same dull brown Riya turned the wagon at night, was now as bright as the donkey. She sat up and blinked.

"Oh, good, you're up." Riya stepped into the tent, throwing the flaps open. "What do you think?" She whirled around with her arms outstretched to show off her cloak. Like the tent, it had been transformed from a plain traveling cloak to one befitting a magician.

"Is there such a thing as too much yellow?" Silay was genuinely curious.


Riya's response was so definite, Silay grinned. "Then it's wonderful".

Riya disappeared back outside the tent, and Silay followed, pulling on her shoes. "Riya?"


"You spelled the wagon to hide it at night, and the tent didn't used to be yellow."


"So why is the donkey always yellow?"

Riya gave an over-dramatic sigh, flinging out her hands in despair. "I had hoped you wouldn't notice that. Early mistake. It seems spells on animals don't work the same way as spells on cloth or wood."

Silay giggled. "So he's stuck that way?"

Riya nodded sorrowfully. "I keep the wagon yellow when I travel so he won't feel so bad." Silay laughed outright at this, and Riya grinned in response. "I need to practice my act this morning, if you want to help?"

Silay had a brief moment of panic. If she helped, Riya might realize that magic didn't react to her properly. She remembered Jarlen's advice about being confident. "And end up yellow like the donkey? No thanks!" 

"You sure? I promise I won't turn you yellow."

Suddenly, the fear of Riya discovering part of her secret and the memory of her dreams overwhelmed her. Both the Seer and Jarlen had told her not to delay, and Jarlen had warned her about trusting strangers. Silay made her decision. "I'm sorry, but I need to stock up on supplies." 

Riya gave a small frown. "You aren't staying for the festival, then?"

"I wish I could, I just don't think I should."

Riya's frown deepened. "You're more than just Silay the Bored, aren't you?"

"Like you said, it's none of your business. We're just two people who happened to travel a ways together." With that, Silay turned and walked away, trying not to think about the shocked look on Riya's face. She had been told to keep the purpose of her trip a secret. She couldn't do that and continue to stay with Riya.

Silay did what she'd told Riya she would do, finding vendors who carried bread and the kind of hard cheeses that didn't go bad. With her pack heavier, and her purse lighter, she once again took to the road towards Dilest.

*End of Chapter 3: The End of the Beginning*
Look for the chapter epilogue this Wednesday, and the start of Chapter 4 on Sunday.

So...this chapter didn't end up going the way I thought it would. I had expected Silay to explore the festival for a day at least, perhaps learn a few more sleight of hand tricks from the illusionists. But her meeting with Kade, brief though it was, left her very unsettled (and with good reason, as the end of Chapter 3, Part 4 suggests), and she wanted to get out of Surwas. 

I suppose as an author I ought to keep tighter control of my characters, but I'm always curious about what they will do if left to their own accord. Oh well.

P.S. I promise I'm not crazy. It's a writer thing. Really. Ask anybody. 

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