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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chapter 3, pt. 2

It seemed Riya wasn't the only person who had thought to arrive in Surwas a few days early. After three nights on the road, she and Silay arrived in the city two days early. All the inns were full with festival-goers, but Riya hadn't been planning to stay at an inn. She led Silay through the city to the large field outside where the festival would take place. It was already dotted with tents and brightly colored wagons. Silay looked around, struck silent by the sight. Riya might have the only yellow donkey, but there were plenty of other wonders to see.

"You gonna stare, or help me unpack?"

Silay turned back to the magician. "I'm sorry. I've just never seen-" her defense faded when she saw Riya grinning.

"It's well worth staring. Even more so in the morning." As she spoke, Riya unpacked the tent from the wagon." What's your plan now?"

"I'm not sure. I guess keep travelling."

"You should stay. See the festival. At any rate, stay long enough to help me get this tent up."

Silay watched as Riya struggled with the tent poles. "Why don't you just use magic?"

"And give folks here a free show? I'm a business-woman!"

Silay raised her eyebrows. "A business-woman who can't set up a tent?"

Riya glared at her, and Silay laughed. She reached out a hand and steadied the pole Riya was trying to get upright. "Thanks."

"Gotta pull my own weight, right?" Silay picked up the next pole. "Do you think there'll be a seer here?"

Riya stood and scanned the gathered tents which were now glowing gently in the fading light. "That one? With the blue pennant?" She pointed. "That'll be Kade. He's a traveling seer." She looked a Silay. "Aren't you from Dagrosa? Wouldn't think you'd be needing your fortune told."

"Not the future. It's news I want." Silay knew better than to say that even if she wanted to have her fortune told, she couldn't.

Riya nodded back towards the tent she had pointed out. "Well, he's the one."

"Thanks. I'll go see if he's in after we get the tent up."

In lieu of something witty, or insightful, today I shall simply apologize for the lateness of this post. I've been pretty sick, and on so much medicine I was afraid if I wrote I'd switch genre from fantasy to surrealism. Anyways, I'm back, Silay is back, and the adventure continues!


  1. Hooray! I'm glad this is back, and I'm especially glad you're back. I hope everything is swell. :)

  2. Proofreading :)

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    wagon." What's (wagon. "What's)