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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chapter 2, pt. 5

“I know.” They both fell silent for a moment while Jarlen finished treating Silay’s blisters. She spoke first.

“I just don’t know what to do.”



Jarlen shrugged. “It seems to me the Seer’s hope is that just sending you out to track the plague may be enough to stop it, or at least to change it in some way.”

He sat down at the table and gestured for Silay to do the same. When she was seated, he continued. “Have you ever heard the idea about people’s actions being like rocks thrown into a pond?”

“Yes. We were taught that in Scrying at school.”

“Well, imagine that you have a pond, and that everyone’s actions are little rocks that send ripples out, ripples that run into each other and slowly change the surface of the pond.”

Silay looked at Jarlen, wondering where he was going with this. “All right.”

“Then imagine someone takes a large rock, one that wasn’t there before, and throws it right into the center of the pool. What would happen?”

“I guess the splash would erase all the other ripples.”


She narrowed her eyes. “Are you saying I’m like a big rock?”

“I’m saying you could be. The problem is, no one can see the ripples that you make, so there’s no way to tell if you’ve changed anything until after the fact.”

“So I just do nothing?”

“So you do nothing. You continue on this un-quest of yours. Keep checking with the seers and Healers. The Seer has told many of us to expect you. It may be your presence is enough, or it may be it takes more than that. Just keep going, and stay ready to act.”

Silay nodded, suddenly feeling very tired. Perhaps it hadn’t been such a bad thing that Hazel had brought her day’s journey to an early end. She stood up. “Thank you. Adelie told me there was an inn here. I’m going to stay there tonight.”

Jarlen pushed back his chair and walked with her to the door. “One last piece of advice, Silay. You would do well to find someone you can trust to travel with.”

“I know how to set up wards,” she protested.

“The problem with wards is that you don’t know you did one wrong until it’s too late.”

Silay didn’t have a response for this, so she bade Jarlen farewell, and made her way to the inn.

"The Hero Cycle"
-Call to adventure: Check
-Crossing the threshold: Check
-Unexpected aid/advice: Check

Also, I'm strangely tickled by the word "un-quest".

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