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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chapter 2 Epilouge

The Healer was more than a little apprehensive. Ever since word about the plague had been brought to them by the seers, the Healers had taken extra care when treating travelers from across the sea. And now he had been called to treat a small boy who had fallen ill on a ship; a ship on which a Healer had died, after treating the same boy.

When he reached the inn where the family had taken up residence, the Healer was relieved to discover that while the boy was very ill, it was only with an ordinary spotted fever, like the many he had healed over the years. The Healer placed his hands on the boy and called the disease into his own body, where his magic destroyed it, burning it up inside of him.

Both the Healer and the boy took a few days to recover fully, but soon they were both back on their feet. Several miles away, out in the ocean, the scavengers of the sea were busy devouring the remains of the ship's Healer.

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