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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chapter 2, pt.4

Silay looked from the stone to Jarlen. “Someone told you I was coming?”

He nodded, and slid the Farstone back into its compartment under the table. “Your Seer and I have been friends for a long time. The Healers aren't the only ones she warned about the plague. I was planning to ride out and meet you tomorrow. I thought you would have traveled further today.”

“I’d planned to, but I ran into a little girl on the road and stopped to bring her home.”

“Hazel, yes?” Jarlen laughed at Silay’s surprised face. “She runs away about once a month. Determined to find a dragon to slay or some other such adventure.” His face grew serious. “Silay, this plague will take many lives. Children like Hazel may never grow up if a cure isn't found.”
Sometimes, life happens. Sometimes, movers are not just three hours late, but three days late. So, a very short post. Longer one next week, promise.  

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