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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chapter 2, pt. 1

The weather was quite normal. Silay wasn't sure what she had expected-- bright, sunny weather to welcome this new stage in her life, or dark, dramatic clouds. But she couldn't help but find it a bit anti-climatic that the weather was exactly the same as yesterday.

Thanks to the town leaders, her parents, and the Seer, Silay now had a knapsack containing a map, food, a change of clothes, and enough money to last for a while if she was careful. At her side was a small dagger her father had insisted she take, though she had no idea how to use it. More useful was the small bottle of warding potion the Seer had given her, for the nights she couldn't find shelter indoors. The Seer had given Silay something else, in secret. In a leather pouch concealed under her shirt was a Farstone.

The only thing she didn't have, Silay thought ruefully, was a horse. Somehow, when listening to other people's stories of quests, she had never really considered just how much walking was involved. She had only set out two hours ago and could already feel blisters forming in her shoes, and her knapsack now felt like it contained rocks.

She pushed on for another hour, before deciding she absolutely had to rest. Moving over to the side of the road, she found a large rock flat enough to sit on. Sitting, she gratefully shrugged the knapsack off her shoulders and set it between her feet. The she pulled off her left shoe to inspect her foot. There was definitely a blister between her big toe and her second. She was about to pull off her right shoe too when she heard a sound in the bushes nearby.

"Hello?" she called. Getting no answer, Silay slipped her shoe back on and stood. "Is someone there?" she called again, moving her hand towards her dagger. A moment later, a small figure burst out of the bush, and Silay was startled to find herself facing an eight-year-old girl brandishing a butter knife.

I hate blisters and have always felt that this important and serious issue has been gravely overlooked in most epic stories. 

Also, this comic makes me think I need to add a magic ring in somewhere. Or a lapel pin. Just because.


  1. I'm a fan of stories that take those boring, day-to-day worries into consideration, like massive amounts of walking where nothing happens and blisters.

  2. Proofreading :)

    expected-- bright, sunny weather to welcome this new stage in her life, or dark, dramatic clouds. (double - in the first place, double space before "clouds")

    She called (she) - this one happens twice