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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chapter 1, pt. 5

“Silay, is something wrong?” Her mother, Kenna, looked at her with concern as Silay carefully maneuvered pieces of food around her plate.
Silay looked up. “I’m not sure.” She paused, considering the plate in front of her before continuing. “I went to see the Seer today.”
Her mother and father exchanged glances over the table, and it was her father who asked “Why did you do that?”
“The town leaders went to visit her today, and was curious, so…” Silay’s voice trailed off as she saw her father’s expression.
“Silay, were you spying again?”
“No! Well, yes, but the Seer knew I was there.”
“Did she See you?” Her mother interjected eagerly.
Silay bit her lip when she saw how hopeful both her parents looked at this thought. “No. I think she just heard me outside.”
“And then you went to talk with her?”
Silay nodded.
“About what?”
Sighing, Silay pushed her plate away from her. “There’s something…bad, that’s going to happen. She thinks I might be able to stop it or something. But probably not.”
“She saw something in your future?”
“No, Mom. She saw the…bad thing in everyone’s future except mine. She still can’t see my future. But she thinks that because she can’t See me, I might be able to help.”
“What is this ‘bad thing’, Silay?” Her father asked quietly.
“The Seer said it was best not to say.”
“And what is it she thinks you should do?”
“She wants me to leave tomorrow. To head northwest.”
“And what do you think you should do?”
“Bransen!” Her mother exclaimed, glaring at her husband. “She’s just a child. She can’t go.”
“She’s an adult now, in the eyes of the town. You know that, Kenna.” He turned to Silay. “You can make your own choices.”
“I know.”
Silay gave a small smile. “I think making choices is hard.”
“Does she really think you can stop whatever it is?” Her mother asked softly.
“She thinks there’s a chance.”
“And do you?”
“I don’t know. But, I think it is worth trying. If nothing else…” her voice trailed off.
“If nothing else, what?”
Silay looked at both her parents. “If nothing else, it will give me a chance to go somewhere people won’t act like I don’t exist.”
Her father nodded. “We’ll tell people that’s why you left. If the Seer doesn’t think you should say what might happen, it would be best not to mention it at all.”
“You’re really leaving us, Silay?”
Silay placed her hand on top of her mother’s. “Not you. This. This place where people go out of their way to avoid me. Where they look at me like I’m some sort of monster. And if I’m leaving you, it’s only because there’s a chance I might be able to do something good.” She glanced from face to face, pleading. “I have nothing. I know nothing about who I am or what I’m supposed to do. This might be my only chance to find out.” She looked down, and finished quietly. “I have to go. Otherwise I’ll always wonder what could have been.”
When she looked up, her parents where looking at each other across the table. Silay was surprised to see that both of them had tears in their eyes. It was her mother her spoke. “Then I believe you should go.”

*End of Chapter One: Fate and Fortune*
"Making choice are hard". Yeah, I'm moralizing. Also, new characters! You know what that means right? No? It means you can check out their profiles over on the 'Characters' tab. Finally, this is the end of Chapter One, so thank you to everyone who's been reading along. To celebrate, there'll be a bonus post on Wednesday. 

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  1. Proofreading :)

    who asked “Why (,)
    and was curious (+ I)
    you?” Her mother (her)
    Silay?” Her father (her)
    “Bransen!” Her mother (her)
    whatever it is?” Her mother (her)
    else…” her voice (Her - I think.)
    her parents where looking (were)
    her mother her spoke (who)