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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chapter 1 Epilogue

Healers believe the body is but a vessel for the soul. Though their vows dictate that they do all in their power to keep the body healthy and alive, once the soul has left it they believe the body becomes nothing. Just another part of the life cycle, to be disposed of as hygienically and conveniently as possible. If a person dies of a contagious disease, they might order the body to be burned. Otherwise, they believe bodies should be disposed of such a way that they return back to the Land. So the Healer who had died on the ship would have had no objection to his body being weighted down and thrown overboard.
The boy he had healed was sick again. Too sick to continue the journey. So the ship had stopped a little ways off the coast of Dilest to allow the boy’s family to load him into one of the small boats lashed to the ship’s side. In the morning, the ship’s crew would go ashore to stock up on supplies, but the boy’s father didn’t want to wait that long. The small boat was lowered down, and the man began to row them to shore. 

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